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Secure your trees with proper bracing

If your tree has recently fallen or the limbs have broken off and are hanging, tree bracing may be necessary! A recent storm, strong winds, or even decay can all be a cause of structural damage to your home's trees. We have over 30 years of experience in bracing trees for safety.

  • Prevents storm damage

  • Offers structural support

  • Allows for longer tree life

  • Protects your family

  • Avoids dangerous power lines

  • Spares trees from splitting

The benefits of bracing your trees

Indian River Tree Service puts screw rods through the trunk if the trunk has a crack to prevent it from falling over. This strengthens the trees. It also keeps them away from dangerous power lines. Call today for a FREE estimate!

Keep your trees out of danger

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a tree bracing

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All the work done by Indian River Tree Service is done by Ken Wilberg and never doled out to contractors.