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Save your trees or create an archway

Trees can be shaped to grow a certain direction with the help of cabling. Indian River Tree Service can help your trees grow in the desired direction and ensure that it is done in a safe manner. We can also save your tree's life by using the right system of cables and braces.

 •  Cabling

 •  Extra-strength steel cables

 •  Industry standard techniques

 •  Stump grinding

 •  Bracing

 •  Tree removal

Your tree services include:

When it comes to preserving your trees, you'll want to ensure it's done correctly. Our experts put rods in the trunk part and put a cable further up to strengthen the tree if customer does not want it removed. Call for FREE estimate!

Experienced cabling techniques

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Let Ken Wilberg worry about your trees. You'll always get an AFFORDABLE rate and honest, quality workmanship.